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Big current problems with the personnel selection process.

Big current problems with the personnel  {selection process.}


What if you need to hire 100 new employees for your company, would you be able to handle it with just one recruiter?


How much would cost you company to hire start 100 hiring proceses at the same time?

Long processes

Would you be able to handle 100 new hiring processes in less than a week with just one recruiter?

Improve your selection process

An AI that aids in the interview process can serve as a valuable asset for streamlining and elevating the procedure. With just one click, it can generate hundreds of interviews using artificial intelligence. It evaluates objective data, such as skills and experience, to offer an impartial initial assessment. This AI operates ethically and responsibly, sidestepping biases and ensuring a just and equitable evaluation of candidates.

{Improve your selection process}
Provides precision

Provides precision

Our location in LATAM enables seamless collaboration with U.S. teams during regular business hours.

Time-saving data analysis

Time-saving data analysis

Our team possesses excellent verbal and written English skills, eliminating any language barriers.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

We utilize the Bable Test to accurately assess candidates' proficiency in various skills.

Better decisions at all levels

Better decisions at all levels

Our team of seasoned in-house engineers conducts thorough interviews to evaluate candidates' skills, experience on prior projects, problem-solving abilities in real-time, and their approach when confronting challenges.

Improved production quality

Improved production quality

Enhance production quality with precision to identify defects, optimize processes, and ensure superior outcomes


Create several interviews, add a description and language to be ready to receive applicants.

Simplify the applicant screening process by leveraging a comprehensive system that empowers you to generate multiple interview templates. Additionally, by specifying preferred language, you can ensure effective communication. This streamlined approach facilitates seamless applicant engagement, making the selection process efficient and enabling you to identify the best-fit candidates quickly.

Create several {interviews, add a description and language} to be ready to receive {applicants.}


Customize your interview experience: choose your interviewer, generate your own voice, and display your logo to know who you'll be working with

Tailor your interview: Pick your interviewer, create a unique voice, and showcase your logo. Get insights into your potential collaborator and enhance your interview journey. Stand out and make informed decisions with a personalized experience.

Customize your interview experience: {choose your interviewer, generate your own voice, and display your logo} to know who you'll be working with


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